Contents Title Page Dedication Copyright BOOKS BY R.K. Lilley Mr. Beautiful Book Four: Up in the Air Prologue Chapter On. Since the late 's the National Aeronautics and Space. Administration's Dryden Flight Research Facility has found in-flight simulation to be an invaluable tool. Four forces acting on a helicopter in forward flight. Lift. Weig ht. Thrust. Drag. Increased air pressure underneath. Reduced air pressure. Upper camber helps.

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    𝗣𝗗𝗙 | Research and data regarding in-flight medical emergencies during commercial air travel are lacking. Although volunteer medical professionals are often. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page The ANA SKY SHOP In-flight Shopping Order Form for Japan domestic flights is available for download in PDF format. After entering the required items, please.

    Ahmed Soliman wjert, , Vol. Sherif The mechanics of the flight studies the forces acting on the aircraft in Researcher, Novosibirsk flight, and the reaction of the aircraft to the action of these forces. All State Technical University, aircraft are equipped with a control system that allows the pilot to Department of Aircraft and maneuver and release forces from the control levers on each of the Helicopter Construction, three axes. The aerodynamic moments required to rotate the aircraft Russian Federation. Control surfaces are located as far as possible from the center of gravity in order to create the maximum control moment. KEYWORDS: Coefficient of aerodynamic lift, the angle of inclination of the trajectory, aerodynamic drag coefficient of planning, the angel of decline associated with the aerodynamic efficiency, the angle of trajectory planning. Usually there are three independent control systems and three control surfaces - A rudder that controls the movement around the normal axis; - Elevator, which controls the movement around the transverse axis; - Ailerons that control the movement around the longitudinal axis differential spacing of the spoilers is also used. One surface can participate in the control in two axes - Elevons - a combination of elevator and ailerons; - The handle of the V-shaped tail, combining the functions of elevator and rudder direction; www. When both halves work synchronously - pitch control, when separately - by roll. The control moment is created by creating an aerodynamic force on the corresponding surface.

    When the curvature of the profile wing, stabilizer or keel changes, the aerodynamic force changes on it. The figure shows the effect of the aileron deflection on the lift factor of the wing section. Fig 1: Angle of attack. Controlling aerodynamic force can be created by turning the entire surface entirely. This scheme is often used for pitch control with the help of a one-way stabilizer.

    The elevator in this case is absent. They are used to controlling the roll, rising on that wing, where the ailerons are deflected upwards, and like air brakes, rising on both hemispheres synchronously.

    World Journal of Engineering Research and Technology Hinged moments The aerodynamic force acting on the control surface tends to rotate this surface relative to the axis of rotation in the direction of the force.

    The moment of this force will be equal to the product of the force on the arm from the center of pressure to the axis of rotation. This moment is called the hinge moment.

    The magnitude of the force is determined by the surface area, velocity head and angle of deflection of the surface. To deflect the control surface to the required angle, the pilot must overcome the hinge moment by applying force to the control lever in the cab. Thus, the amount of force on the control lever is determined by the hinge moment from the steering wheel non- booster control.

    World Journal of Engineering Research and Technology 3 Determine the minimum vertical upstream speed , necessary for horizontal flight glider. Problem Number III Determine the derivative and the angle of zero lifting force of the aircraft, if at and at. Problem Number V Prove Mathematically and Graphically that, the required thrust does not equal to the force of resistance for the aircraft and the car? Except for Melvin. Him, I tried to flag down to get another drink, but he was ignoring me.

    Vaguely, I could hear Stephan and James chatting amiably at my back. He was so close that it made the skin of my back tingle. I turned my head slightly and saw that the co-pilot had been forced to move away from me. He was looking between Stephan and James, an odd look on his face. I was just relieved that he seemed to get the picture that I was clearly not available.

    I lurched suddenly to my feet. I had to clutch the bar for several moments to gain my balance. I looked at Stephan, who was looking a little sheepish. Bee will have to tell you the story sometime. Does she drink like this often? He was still just talking to Stephan. About me, and in front of me. It was infuriating. Luckily, only James had heard.

    He laughed, showing even white teeth. He nodded at me, making very solid eye contact. He agreed. Stephan rose as we moved, as though to help. James waved him down. He wrapped my arm around him and took the brunt of my weight as he led me effortlessly through the crowd toward the restrooms. He looked at me, brow raised. He surprised me by kissing the top of my head.

    I still intend to fuck you senseless. Just not tonight, Buttercup.

    What a strange man, I thought. How could someone sound so cold while calling me Buttercup? I stopped suddenly. We were against the wall now, close to the hallway that led to the restrooms. I turned in his arms, pressing up against him. He sucked in a breath at the sudden contact. I looked into his eyes. He looked back, his eyes hard. His gaze was steady.

    He sighed. But I want other things. I at least want the chance to talk to you about what I do want. And when we have some actual privacy. He hated how drunk I was, I could tell. He had a real serious problem with it. My extremely drunk mind started to hatch up a drunk scheme to use that to my advantage.

    I nodded at him, turning away. Just as soon as I went to the bathroom, I was gonna make him run the other way in a hurry. I used the restroom. It was a sign of how drunk I was that I was proud when I used the bathroom successfully and without a mess.

    I was washing up when Melissa came bursting through the door, looking excited. I was going for a breezy tone, but I heard my voice, and knew it just sounded drunk and slurred. I walked out before she could ask me anything else.

    James took my arm before I could even locate him. It was a serious question. I was really that drunk. He just looked at me. He hated drunk. Just you watch. I was momentarily distracted when we walked back out into the huge bar and found it had considerably less people than it had when we went in. He just shrugged. I started to lurch in that direction. He stayed me, holding my phone in front of my face. I glanced at the face of it, pushing the front button to show the time.

    Is something happening? Are they closing? His hands were in his pockets. I studied him, suddenly realizing how bored and detached he looked. I stiffened, but he just pushed my cheek into his chest. I was suddenly nuzzling against it. I pulled back, looking with fascination at his casual attire. His shirt was a navy V-neck T-shirt with a small pocket over the left side of his chest. Right over his nipple, I thought. It was fitted, showing off his sleek muscles.

    And it was sooo soft. He wore casual gray slacks with navy running shoes. He looked positively edible. His words stilled my hands immediately. I snapped my fingers at him as I got an idea. I was steadier on my feet as I pulled completely out of his arms. Just a few minutes without imbibing was improving my balance. I put a finger over my lips. Surprisingly, there was no one in line, so I got to go immediately.

    Now the place was just getting emptier by the second. That was fine with me. This hot mess of a show was all for James Cavendish. I got myself under control enough to start singing to it when the words came on the screen, shooting him sassy looks and even throwing in a little bit of wiggling to the beat.

    I even bent down to flip my hair at a small pause in the song. Oh, lord, that almost knocked me off the stage. He moved closer at my reckless action, as though to catch me if I really did fall off. I got a little off track when Melissa strutted over and started talking to him.

    Did she really have to stand so close to him? Apparently, she did. She even pressed against him as she spoke into his ear. It seemed to be a very serious conversation for two people who had just met. Or did they know each other? I was going to find out. James gave me a small smile as I approached. That had not been what I was going for.

    James looked a little surprised. She works with you, right? I was asking her about you.

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    She looked a little miffed, but hardly deterred. I toyed with the idea of telling her. That might solve the whole situation right there. She studied me briefly, and her expression brightened.

    She grabbed my hand suddenly, all bubbly girl again. I mostly tried to rap to the vaguely obscene lyrics while watching her in fascination. She quickly had her ass to the audience, doing some pretty impressive booty dancing.

    I was more stacked than her in the chest department, and mine were very much natural, but she had waaay more junk in the trunk. And I had to admit it was very nice junk. And she very much knew it. She threw smiles over her shoulder at the crowd as she crouched nearly to the floor. Yep, she was backing that thing up.

    Ah, damn. I had interrupted them with my antics. He had finally gotten a chance to make his move, and I had distracted him. I felt instantly guilty. He was giving me wide eyes. I could tell he was about ready to carry me home. But my relief was short-lived as I saw him speaking earnestly to James. James was listening intently, nodding in agreement. I got distracted by the lyrics screen as the the beat got faster for a moment. I thought it fit rather well into the song, and was mentally patting myself on the back when the song ended.

    Melissa laughingly hugged me when we finished. She was breathless from all that shaking. Did she suddenly like me? I approached the two tall men who looked to be having a serious conversation that I was positive was all about me.

    James sent me a wide-eyed look. He looked shocked about something. I stalked up to Stephan and bumped his shoulder with my own. I am just fine. He seemed visibly upset, and I was on alert at once. What the hell was going on with these two? He hugged me, speaking into my ear. He hated it when I was mad at him. He had serious issues with people being upset with him, and especially with me being mad. Issues that stemmed from some truly horrible things that had happened to him when he was a kid.

    He had this irrational fear that if he ever made me really angry with him, I would desert him, like his family had.

    He was shaking his head, and I could see a certain panic in his eyes that I dreaded. It did a great deal towards sobering me up. I stiffened. Or to…have the wrong impression of you with the way you were acting.

    I was instantly mad. I pushed him back, pointing at him. I had probably just ruined his whole night, but he had no right to share personal information about me.

    Especially not with Mr. I turned back to James, glaring. You can see now that this is not going to happen. My V-card should be more than enough of a reason to make someone like you run screaming in the other direction. The shock was long gone from his face. Now his face was carefully blank. They were as intense as ever. A few feet separated us.

    I closed the distance before I thought to defy him. He fisted a hand very, very carefully into my hair, pulling my head back slightly. He leaned down to my ear. Every last inch of you. My brow furrowed. Had he somehow sensed I was a virgin even before Stephan told him? Is that why he was pursuing me?

    Did he have some weird fetish? His brows shot up in surprise. I was suddenly very tired. Tired enough to pass out. And we had to be up at five a.

    His face brightened instantly. What time should I set her alarm for? There he went, talking about me in front of me again. The men nodded at each other cordially, Stephan never looking at me. I stepped forward, kissing him softly on the forehead. It had been his job for years now, and it was a job he took very seriously. He sniffed a little, and I was shocked when I saw one tear slip down his cheek as he looked at his lap. He was so relieved that he was crying, when he never cried. That was how strongly my anger affected him.

    It broke my heart to see him like that. He lifted his head, and he looked better. Go get some sleep. I smiled back, and we left. James held my arm on our short walk back to the hotel. He had a firm grip on the back of my arm, just above my elbow. He seemed to like that spot. I sent him a sideways glance.

    He was fishing for information about me, I could tell. Especially when I knew next to nothing about him. Especially since I was planning to never drink again.

    I sent him another sideways glance. And you need to get started. It can take weeks to months before it becomes effective. I have bad periods, and it helps make them milder.

    A trip to the free clinic had given me a great deal of peace of mind. About the pregnancy aspect, at least.

    Of course he would zero in on the thing I was the least willing to talk about. His hand squeezed my arm in a warning. I think the tradeoff might just be worthwhile for me. We made our way into the hotel without a word. I nodded at the girl working the front desk as we walked by. Her name was Sarah, and she knew Stephan and I. She gave me wide eyes. She probably thought Stephan and I were a couple, as so many people did. He was shaking his head in dismay. I giggled. Rich people could be funny.

    He gave me a disgruntled look. Anyone could come in here. If you think this is bad, you should see some of the places Stephan and I have stayed. His intent eyes searched my face. What do you mean? Do you still stay in those places?

    I guess this is our least secure crew hotel at the moment. He held a hand out for my key card, and I gave it to him without a word. You can just rule out that scenario right now. That is not happening. He gave me a questioning look, going through the door, as though he had the right to search the place.

    He came back in, closing and locking the door without asking. I just went to the bed and lay down, closing my eyes.

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    I had dropped it on the floor somewhere between the door and my bed. I heard the little sound that meant my phone had been plugged into a charger. He went into the bathroom, coming out just a moment later. The bed dipped as he sat beside me on the bed. I felt and smelled a cool, makeup removing wipe on my face.

    I tensed up in surprise. He gently wiped my entire face, even wiping my eyelashes carefully to remove my mascara. I felt him get up again, returning after just a moment. When I felt his fingers on the button of the waistband of my shorts, my eyes shot open, my hands moving to block him. The only light in the room came from the bathroom, but I could still make him out. He brushed my hands away, unbuttoning my shorts and sweeping them down my legs in a quick, smooth motion.

    Hold still. He removed my bra like a pro, never touching a thing beyond my back and shoulders. He barely jostled me as he did it. It was rather impressive.

    He even folded my shorts carefully, and hung my blouse up, as though he did this everyday. He tucked me in carefully. What a strange billionaire, I thought to myself. When he finished, he came to stand over me. It was a strange look for him. He sucked in a breath.

    I was dying to see his body. I just had to know if he was that tan everywhere. I wished fervently that the lights were on, never taking my eyes off of him. He slid onto the other side of the bed from me, lying on his back on top of the covers. If he answered me, I never heard him as I drifted off. Moody The sound of my alarm woke me from a deep sleep. I never slept that hard, and coming out of it was something I was unaccustomed to. I knew instantly that it was gonna be a rough morning by the pounding in my temples.

    The clock showed five a. A twenty-four hour layover was never enough time to adjust to the time difference. Since there were no longer any lingering effects of alcohol buzzing through my system, I knew I had a problem. I was starting to like that kinky rich bastard.

    I went directly into the shower, pinning my hair up and keeping it carefully dry. I threw my shift back on my slightly damp skin, planning to wear it until it was time to change into work clothes.

    I was so used to sharing adjoining rooms with Stephan that it was just second nature for me to stay at least partially decent while I got ready. My bathroom door was slightly ajar, so when my hotel room door clicked open and then closed, I froze in alarm. I peaked out of the door, both surprised and relieved to see that it was James.

    He joined me in the bathroom without asking. He handed me a cup of coffee and two white tablets. He set two bottles of water on the counter. A long drink of the coffee and I felt nearly human again. I saw that he had changed his clothes. He was back in a suit, looking fresh and well rested. My eyes were on his impeccable suit.

    It was a soft gray, his shirt and tie blue today. As I looked at him, my eyes moved up to his in the mirror. We were both facing it, and his lovely turquoise eyes were glued to my body with an intensity that made my eyes follow his. My thin shift, combined with my slightly damp skin, had, not surprisingly, made my nightgown transparent.

    I might as well be naked, I thought, a little stunned. It was an intoxicating feeling, to put that look in his eyes. He stepped in directly behind me, his eyes steadily on my chest. My breasts felt heavy and I wanted him to touch them so badly. I unconsciously arched my back a little, my shoulders going back, my chest forward, my nipples clearly visible as they rubbed against the thin fabric of my shift.

    They were pebbled to hardness, and tightened even more as I watched them. His hands covered my breasts, finally, and I moaned, arching back. He kneaded them firmly and my eyes fell closed. One hand stayed kneading my breast, and plucking at my nipple just perfectly while the other ran along my ribs, down my abdomen, and straight between my legs. They started to shut instinctively against the invasion. I just need to touch you.

    Lay your head back against my shoulder. He sucked in a breath as he felt me. You are too much, Bianca. The fit was excruciatingly tight. I masturbated sometimes with my own fingers, but his were just so much bigger and rougher, and more talented. He knew how to touch me with far more skill than I knew how to touch myself. The thought was a little daunting, but my mind quickly wandered back to the sensations at hand.

    He worked his finger all the way in and began to stroke, his finger seeking out just the right spot inside of me. His thumb never stopped circling my clit, and his other hand still kneaded my tender breast with consummate skill. He was a hell of a multi-tasker. As he stroked, his arousal brushed against my back with increasing pressure.

    He slipped a second finger in and I felt impossibly full. I cried out, grinding against him.

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    He stopped suddenly. Cavendish, make me come. I came in seconds, before I even really knew it was happening. Or so powerfully. I felt like I may have lost myself for a moment. We were both panting heavily as I came back to myself. He caught my gaze in the mirror as he shifted his fingers out of me. I watched, absolutely mesmerized, as he raised them to his mouth and licked them clean. When he finished, he grabbed my chin and turned my head to his for a deep kiss.

    I tried to reach for his still heavy arousal. He caught my hand, knowing where it was headed. Get dressed. He was apparently frustrated and moody about it. James watched me the entire time, not giving me a second of privacy.

    I was in too much of a hurry to worry about it. That thing should be illegal. I just laughed. Stephan will help me. There has to be something I can do for you. Preferably for days. Impulsively, I knelt in front of him. My face hovered just inches from his groin, but I checked the urge to touch him, just looking up at him instead.

    He gripped my hair a little roughly. I shook my head, licking my lips again. He was.. And right in my face. It was no hardship at all to take him into my mouth and start sucking on him hungrily. Just the opposite. He used his hands to show me. He used the moisture that my mouth had spread on the tip and the shaft to lubricate my hands. He coached them into a twisting motion at the base. Both of his hands were gripped in my hair tightly. I could get addicted to this feeling. To this act.

    Instead of pulling back, I sucked harder, swallowing instinctively when the warm essence of him shot against the back of my throat. He pulled me up and kissed me. His hands were rough in my hair, almost to the point of pain, but, caught up in the moment, I loved it. He finally set me down, glancing at the clock.

    I grabbed my bags and my half-empty cup of coffee on the way out, not saying goodbye. Beautiful my phone number. He just took over. And so far, I was batting zero at resisting him. When he touched me, I lost all control, and he took all of it, and it just felt so good to let go.

    In fact, it felt more than good. Stalker I felt a huge wave of relief as I noted, coming down into the lobby five minutes late, that Stephan and I were the only crew members that had shown up so far. If we got a crew delay today, it would be whoever showed up last that caused it, and not me, since I had shown up second.

    Stephan gave me a tentative smile when he saw me. How was the rest of your night? Also, air in a region where pressure, temperature and relative velocity are unaffected by the passage of the aircraft through it.

    So the model is to scale in some respects, but not others. Schematic - A diagrammatic outline or synopsis; an image of the thing; representing something by a diagram.

    Separation - Detachment of the airflow from a surface with which it has been in contact. Shockwave - A narrow region, crossing the streamlines, through which there occur abrupt increases in pressure, density, and temperature, and an abrupt decrease in velocity. The normal component of velocity relative to the shock wave is supersonic upstream and subsonic downstream. Side-slip - Motion of an aircraft, relative to the relative airflow, which has a component of velocity along the lateral axis.

    Slat - An auxiliary, cambered aerofoil positioned forward of the main aerofoil so as to form a slot. Spar - A principal spanwise structural member of a wing, tailplane, fin or control surface. There are ft in 1 nautical mile and 3.

    Speed of Sound a - Sound is pressure waves which propagate spherically through the atmosphere from their source. The speed of propagation varies ONLY with the temperature of the air. The lower the temperature, the lower the speed of propagation. Stability - The quality whereby any disturbance of steady motion tends to decrease. Stagnation point - A point where streamlines are divided by a body and where the fluid speed is zero, relative to the surface.

    Static vent - A small aperture in a plate fixed to form part of the fuselage and located appropriately for measuring the ambient static pressure. Throat - A section of minimum area in a duct. Turbulent Flow - Flow in which irregular fluctuations with time are superimposed on a mean flow. Velocity - The same as speed, but with direction specified as well. Viscosity - The resistance of fluid particles to flow over each other.

    All fluids have the property of viscosity. A fluid with high viscosity would not flow very easily. The viscosity of air is low in comparison to something like syrup, but the viscosity that air does have is a very important consideration when studying aerodynamics. Vortex - A region of fluid in circulatory motion, having a core of intense vorticity, the strength of the vortex being given by its circulation.

    Vortex generator - A device, often a small vane attached to a surface, to produce one or more discrete vortices which trail downstream adjacent to the surface, promote mixing in the boundary layer and delay boundary layer separation. Increases the kinetic energy of the boundary layer. Vorticity - Generally, rotational motion in a fluid, defined, at any point in the fluid, as twice the mean angular velocity of a small element of fluid surrounding the point.

    Wake - The region of air behind an aircraft in which the total pressure has been changed by the presence of the aircraft. Wash-out - Decrease in angle of incidence towards the tip of a wing or other aerofoil.

    Wing Loading - Ratio of aircraft weight to wing area. However, no universal defining standard for their use exists.

    Other books on the subject may use some of these symbols with different definitions. Every effort has been made to employ symbols that are widely accepted and that conform to the JAA Learning Objectives.

    Evidence exists that a question in the exam uses gamma for angle of climb and descent. The notes have been amended to use , but consider either or to indicate angle of climb and descent. How much work was done to aircraft 1 getting to V1 How much power was used to get aircraft 1 to V1 How much work was done to aircraft 2 getting to V1 How much power was used to get aircraft 2 to V1 How much momentum does aircraft 1 possess at V1 How much momentum does aircraft 2 possess at V1 How many times greater is the momentum of aircraft 2 How much kinetic energy does aircraft 1 possess at V1 How much kinetic energy does aircraft 2 possess at V1 How many times greater is the kinetic energy of aircraft 2 State the mass and velocity relationship of both aircraft and compare to their momentum and kinetic energy Which has the greater effect on kinetic energy, mass or velocity What must be done with the kinetic energy so the aircraft can be brought to a stop 15 Overview and Definitions 1.

    An aircrafts mass is a result of: a. Its weight How big it is How much matter it contains Its volume 2. The unit of mass is the: a. Joule Watt Newton Kilogram 3. The definition of a force is: a. That which causes a reaction to take place Thrust and drag only A push or a pull The result of an applied input 4.

    The unit of force is the: a. Mass-kilogram Newton-metre Joule Newton 5. The unit of weight is the: a. Kilogram Newton Watt Kilowatt 6. Weight is the result of: a. The force on mass due to gravity The action of a falling mass How much matter the object contains The rate of mass per unit area 7.

    About which point does an aircraft rotate: a. The wings The main undercarriage The centre of gravity The rudder 8.