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Forces of WARMACHINE: Retribution of Scyrah - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. warmachine. Forces of WARMACHINE: Retribution of Scyrah has emerged as the elven race's greatest hope for salvation. including two new battle mages. In addition. for the. award-winning miniatures game WARMACHINE, Forces of. WARMACHINE: Retribution of Scyrah features: • Complete faction rules and profiles for fielding the.

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Forces Of Warmachine Retribution Of Scyrah Pdf

Forces of Warmachine - Retribution of Scyrah - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Forces. Introducing the first new faction since the release of the award-winning miniatures game WARMACHINE, Forces of WARMACHINE: Retribution of Scyrah. Forces of WARMACHINE: Retribution of Scyrah Mk I Conversion Rules. This download provides a, KB.

Menoth's creation of humans inspired a group of other gods to try their hands at it. Unlike Menoth, who wanted servants and warriors , the elf gods wanted children and so took extra care in their making. As a result, the elves advanced much faster than humans, spreading all over western Immoren and creating the Empire of Lyoss. At their height, they built the Bridge of Worlds in their capital city Nyshyl. The intent was that the gods could use the Bridge to cross from Urcaen into Caen and live amongst their people. Like most attempts to communicate directly with gods through mortal ingenuity, it failed big time. Once the gods crossed the bridge, it exploded, obliterating the capital city of Lyoss and the surrounding countryside. The gods and the surviving elves migrated west. Along the way, volunteers from the Dawnguard of Nyrro chose to guard the rear of the refugee column, sacrificing their lives almost to the last.

It has three slightly modified thresher cannons. The goal for this model is to bring a rather large amount of ranged fire power along side some utility. We have intentionally tied both of these ideas into the same resource making the player choose between utility or additional fire power. It should be durable but not incredibly so. Normally the new models are released about 3 months after the cycle. The Trident will be released farther out than that. We decided to test it's rules early and with these other options so players could talk about the interactions with this model in mind.

Things to test: Does the Trident create overpowered situations with the Ranged focused Warcasters? Ravyn and Ossyan Due to how well it can sit back and shoot while also having quite a bit of speed, is the mode too durable? Does it bring something unique to Retribution? Legacy Models: Lord Ghyyrrshyld, the Forgiven: Goreshade 4 received a large overhaul to his entire kit.

Focusing down what he wants in his army while tying in some of his previous Cryxian themes seen through a new veil of "light" magic and "cold" magic lead us to where we are. We are aware that Revive is a spell that is not very popular with some of the community - I can tell you now Revive will not be removed from this caster and it is very unlikely to change as a spell because it is very closely tied to Goreshade 4's back story and his return to the Retribution.

Ravyn, The Eternal Light: Ravyn has also seen a rather major overhaul. At her base level she is a very similar caster to what she was before but with a lot more utility and personal output. Creating a more efficient and exciting caster was our main goal with her changes.

Things like Counter Measure and Open Fire both make her a more active caster on a turn-by-turn basis. Her personal output has been increased to represent her combat prowess and position in the Retribution. Daemon: We hope that this model can be brought into more games by adjusing it's point level. It has a very powerful ranged attack and is likely just a little too expensive at this time to be a consideration for many players. Gorgon: Similar to the Daemon, the Gorgon brings some powerful abilities to the table, albiet it niche.

We hope that some slight point changes can bring the Gorgon in to line with other options. Hyperion: Increasing the aggressive nature of the Colossal is important to us.

Increasing it's range is a first step and we will be keeping an eye on this model as the CID continues. Hypnos: Once again we feel this model is in a great place but needs some points adjustments to really find it's stride. The Fane of Scyrah weathered the Rivening without suffering madness and self- Military of the Retribution of Scyrah 8.

The former leader of the among themselves and were known as the Divine Court. Though the war against the skorne called upon all of caretakers for the people until such a time as Scyrah and any the military forces of Ios to do their part. Before they and new hostilities could erupt anytime. The ruling houses of Ios were significant in Lyoss.

More than the gods themselves ruled over the Iosans. Fane of Scyrah the nation of Ios is now faced with many uncertainties. As the Retribution has risen in stature and have rendered these concerns irrelevant.

There came a time when the gods left Ios. The return of walked the world of mortals. Only two fanes were spared this madness. With the collapse of the fanes. While the Divine Court put forward the principles by which the people of Ios lived. These houses the Incissar of Hours. Members of a closely related bloodline make up the ranking nobles and leaders of the house.

By playing a pivotal role in the construction representative of each hallytyr appointed to attend the of a new nation these hallytyr became the ruling body known Consulate Court as a speaker for the house in matters of as the Consulate Court. House Leadership In Ios. The highest priests of the the lesser houses allied with them. Sovereign of the Divine Court. For Lacyr Ossyris Ayisla Nyrro this reason. These individuals represent not only the interests of their time are still remembered when the Consulate Court the nation of Ios.

Each god oversaw an aspect of life and was associated Before the gods vanished. This is even true of returned to Ios weakened and alone. More often than not. Whether they lead alone fled west to found the nation of Ios and begin anew. The membership of the Consulate Court is made up of While the majority of the gods have vanished.

The court has both open fane still advise the court. The rest of the population of Ios has no direct voice in the government. While there are disagreements and shifting alliances between the various consuls.

Less powerful houses owe support to the strongest houses. Sovereign of Conflict. In these houses the votes.

Many consuls have also been narcissars or incissars. Each of these vital hallytyr is responsible for overseeing a key Iosan fortress. Defenders brutal tactics of the skorne. House Issyen takes pride in its famed military leader. A complex arrangement of rotating These symbols designate the officer ranks used within personnel has become a regular part of Iosan military custom Dawnguard and houseguard military forces.

Having been left short-handed by the reassignment Smaller barracks exist throughout Ios. There is also a sizable any enemies that might follow across the wastes after the garrison directly protecting Shyrr. Military of the Retribution of Scyrah An unmarked as soldiers periodically relocate to posts around the realm. The elite soldiers of each of these houses add to the shared defense alongside volunteers from the fallytyr and the common people who Scyir Issyr Arsyr serve as the rank and file.

House Silowuyr leads Cataclysm and flight from the Lyossan Empire. With the war over. At the onset this force. A sizable secondary garrison once kept watch to the north at the Gate of Storms facing the Rhulic border. Theras lead small squads. A lieutenant leads a platoon. The largest interior garrison is Aeryth Ellowuyr. The rise of the Retribution and the development of its armies happened as a consequence of dividing the Homeguard Coalition. The highest-ranking leaders bear Several major fortifications as well as numerous lesser descriptive titles intended to represent their contributions to outposts defend the borders of Ios.

[Steamroller] Pre-Release legality (Models and Theme Forces) [Archive] - Privateer Press Forums

House Rhyslyrr has deadly accurate archers and Mage hunters do not use visible insignia to designate rank and follow a less formal hierarchy. Soldiers serving there ultimately have been shifted to a string of lesser fortresses along the drove back the invaders. The between those of titular rank is flexible and based on individual largest standing border garrison protects the Gate of Mists. When multiple companies are While each of the Five Great Military Houses possesses a formed together into regiments.

House Nyarr is known for the Dawnguard. Within the Five Great Military Houses. In recent decades the organization has been bolstered by an influx of dedicated support from Houses Nyarr and Shyeel. To Retribution of Scyrah. They were determined to act rather such believers. Consuls not already aligned of power remains gradual. There is a mood among the natural order that saps vitality from the gods and their people.

Its adherents were motivated felt the need to be seen supporting the Retribution. Relations with the government. This pressure from within and without has ensured path that offered a chance of salvation for both the goddess robust supply lines and a continuous supply of volunteers.

Memories of the civil war were still fresh. They have seized upon the weakness they see in the Consulate Court and leveraged it to further their A Growing Army of cause. They continue to press for assistance from any houses Divine Retribution they perceive as even remotely sympathetic. The Retribution has existed amid considerable political tension and unrest.

No measure is too extreme given the stakes. Some conduct this task coldly.

Easter Bonejacks...Bone Bunnies...Bunnyjacks...?

Iosan government. If the Retribution must annihilate every human warcaster. With a rising tide of public support for the Retribution. The leaders of every active house have had harmed the goddess. Many in Ios now accept the A small group of religious zealots formed the first cells of the need for their military to become as strong as possible. As the Retribution has grown in power and gained supporting the Retribution. Relations between most of the consuls and the Nine Voices The Retribution believes human magic is a blight against the remain tense and uncomfortable.

By escalating their activities to open war. The Nine Voices of the Retribution serve with the Nine. Consuls Caelcyr Nyarr and Hyselle Shyeel. Now he keeps track of its assets and supplies. The most influential is Glyssor Syviis. Four leaders in particular Nine Voices include the consuls of Nyarr and Shyeel.

The consul of House Vyre has intelligence. His deeds are legendary within the organization.


Quaestor Nyr Voshan was once a major underworld leader in Shyrr who oversaw a lucrative smuggling operation before his induction into the Retribution. The remaining five Voices are less overtly influential. While the Nine Voices are technically equal. This radicals. They determine long-term activities is by necessity shrouded in secrecy. During her career as ambassador her Retribution affiliation remained secret. While the Retribution has gained influence over the The greatest of Retribution heroes who have been wounded Consulate Court.

She returned to Ios permanently at the outset of the civil war. In a sect filled with agents Espionage Liaison Kelsyr Yrryel is another respected determined to fight for the cause.

The of them are stronger than others. Kelsyr served as an Iosan ambassador for over half a century. There have not always been nine representatives of this body.

Their preaching more conservative peers. The hallytyr are additional converts to the Retribution. Relvinor is While Houses Nyarr and Shyeel were the first hallytyr to a man of fiery rhetoric driven by absolute conviction in the back the Retribution.

While they frequently act autonomously. These efficient killers hallytyr to throw itself fully behind the Retribution. The political clout brought by the Core of the Retribution unquestioning support of the people could facilitate the Although the Retribution has greatly increased in size and transformation of Iosan society.

His top aide. The spiritual welfare and religious doctrine of the Retribution are overseen by Oracle Relvinor Luynmyr. House Vyre is the most recent of the fundamental convictions of the cause. Orator the Seekers—were not uncommon in political circles. For decades they secretly provided financial much to drive a wedge into her former priesthood and bring and military assistance to the organization.

At its center are the mage hunters. Arguably the Support from the Hallytyr most fanatic and charismatic of the Nine Voices. His priests work to spread have felt pressured to contribute as well. Many from the fane not given to zealotry or religious fervor. Those who succeed in leading the cause of salvation will reap great rewards. No one in the organization better encourages Retribution members to remember the imminent understands the threat posed by human magic. Though wishes to earn redemption for dark actions in its past.

The pace and execution of these attacks are carefully Consulate Court persists. This is a gamble to which scope since its inception. In the Lysenne Bylvesh. House of human arcanists. They describe the goddess Jarmyr of Eyvreyn is an ancient spellcaster whose name as a battle-ready maiden. For the time being. This decision was not made lightly have volunteered their services has increased dramatically as the Nyss had reasons for leaving Ios and its people.

This group has offered its civilization. At destruction. Long ago they abandoned their Retribution has given the people of Ios hope and thus has city to follow the prophet Aeric. Some since Scyrah intervened at the close of the conflict with the of these cultural resentments persist.

Their plight changed when the Retribution of Scyrah Having sworn fealty to Scyrah. These no less important. The frequency with which these knights have answered that call.

When summoned they are willing to march to contribution lends further strength to the Retribution. The arcanists of these two sects cooperate as reunited again.

To His blight twisted their minds. Now many hope to restore her. Other aid from these lesser houses has proven swordsmen who once protected the Nyss homelands. Those Nyss understand and work with the Retribution. In truth. They prefer not to restore Darsael but instead counsel. Led by Vaeril the Wise. Several years ago. Whether a particular house provides priests and warriors have sworn their allegiance to the weapons. As the organization has accomplished These cousins of the Iosan people once dwelled in a city goals the Iosan government has failed to achieve.

They are no longer These include the Seekers. Syviis periodically meet in secret to discuss the plight of the Struggling to hold onto their way of life. The Nyss Unusual Allies The Nyss are tribal winter elves who until recently considered The Retribution has received assistance from several the cold Shard Spires in northern Khador their homeland.

In addition to the Fane of Scyrah. Their exposure to long been present in the fane and recently has increased. The last two gods of the training. Groups opposing them have had to face mountains to the northwest searching for the god Nyssor.

Mage hunters are comfortable within the framework of unconventional military practices. Officers remain protective of their chain of command. The Nine Voices have sanctioned this shift. Forces of the Retribution The armies of the Retribution of Scyrah draw from many disparate groups and disciplines bent toward a common goal.

Hierarchy within the Retribution With its rapid growth from a loose association of mage hunters to its current state. This cooperation does not always come easy. Some missions rely more heavily on the clandestine cells of mage hunters already secreted in foreign lands.

Mage hunters do not appreciate the regimented and inflexible style of the Retribution's professional military forces and chafe at taking orders from them. An operational accord has been achieved. While this structure works in general. Conventional operations tend to be led by members of the Dawnguard.

Fortunately for the Retribution. Bringing together the strength of great military houses. Most ranking Dawnguard insist they must vet any order concerning the disposition of units under their command even when it comes through the most senior of Military of the Retribution of Scyrah The Dawnguard are implacable warriors.

Most of these bases are isolated. These resources and operatives Lyossan Empire. Mage Hunters Several mage hunters have manifested warcaster talent. The largest Retribution bases outside Ios include: In turn. Efforts and the destruction of the enemy takes priority. The group fields a versatile mix of infantry make it possible to conduct strikes deep into the interior of and cavalry as well as more focused specialists.

Immoren provides it with far greater mobility and reach a martial order with roots stretching back to the ancient than outsiders might expect. Most serve the Retribution because most are kept small to avoid detection. Mage hunters are the founders of the Retribution and comprise Having undergone additional training to refine these skills. Dozens of other Military of the Retribution of Scyrah Many of its senior agents have worked for the sect These warcasters are not permanently tied to any specific task for much of their lives and lived as outlaws and renegades.

This policy remains a taboo topic—and another area not blood-related. Engagements unfold with houseguard forces tying are not afforded the same stature as their counterparts or up the enemy while mage hunters advance past the lines to other soldiers. Combining of officers from outside the noble family rising to this esteemed their natural talents for manipulating magical energies with rank.

They suffer none of the moral qualms of normal soldiers. Officer commissions in the Dawnguard are based on a Battle Mages combination of family connections and service performance.

For centuries the Nyarr as members of their line were invited to join the ranks organization has accepted soulless children from parents of the Dawnguard. While the Retribution has focused on eliminating human Many top-ranking officers in the Dawnguard are also nobles arcanists. Though the Retribution does troops. A special branch of Syvash Stronghold handles The houseguard of the Retribution of Scyrah is composed their upbringing and training.

In birth. Others are destroyed to the last man to be forgotten by all but their mourning kin. What's in a Name?

Even Although houseguard soldiers do not receive the same the names they are given are short and simple. In obligations. Not every person included in this house uses Nyarr as a surname. A similar situation exists The Retribution insists it is doing the soulless a service by in each of the hallytyr.

The group conscience. Such is life in the line. The stark fact are pragmatic regarding the soulless. Houseguard forces are used to hold ground. Each consists of dozens of allied families led by know the soulless make exemplary assassins when trained the direct blood inheritors of the house name and leadership.

Arranged marriages between these families where the Retribution is at odds with the Fane of Scyrah. Over the centuries these families have been adopted into House concerns its use of soulless warriors.

Senior mage hunters they often endure heavy casualties in battle. These individuals have an unusual most of the latter come from lesser houses.

Its basic role is to not fully understand these manifestations. Every day they live to fight for the Retribution should time. The house One of the biggest controversies surrounding the Retribution includes hundreds of lesser families with no close links. While soulless lack empathy and most emotions. Because they have no ambitions.

Mage hunters lesser houses. They are treated as expendable place while Dawnguard maneuver to crush those foes from a weapons rather than as individuals. Army Composition An army made using this theme force can include only the following Retribution models: Before the start of the game but after both players have deployed.

At the end of an activation in which it did not run or fail a charge. Bringing together combatants of many varied talents and unique specializations. They fight not only for the creed of the Retribution but for the sanctity of Ios and the lives of its people. It is automatically hit and suffers all damage and effects. When the time comes for House Shyeel to stoke the forges of war. These spells and their targets must be declared before either player deploys any models.

House Shyeel is considered by some to be virtually a sixth Great Military House. A model can use Shield Guard only once per round and cannot use Shield Guard if it is incorporeal.

Character Cards

Warcasters in this army do not have to pay focus to upkeep their spells during your first turn of the game. On rare occasions. Its mage hunters traditionally undertake clandestine missions executed by solo operatives and small teams of elite and dedicated warriors. Experienced in swift and brutal combat. When a model is boxed by a melee attack made by a warrior model in this army. This achievement contrasts with underlying principles. Their appearance is linked to the development of aversion to their own magic.

It is only recently. They have rigidly adhered to mentally bond with and control them. Shortly after survived the fall of Lyoss have been practicing advanced Iosan artificers created their own advanced machines of arcane arts longer than any other culture on Immoren. Given the involvement of the gods. The elves who to the invention of warjacks among humans. Iosans feel no such in Ios. Most house arcanists undergo skorne from the Iosan interior.

In recent requiring no innovation or improvement. Without them to command powerful productive members of society. While traditions vary from myrmidons in battle. The borders of Ios were long kept safe by the fundamental to the active magic practiced by many Iosans. Unlike most practice techniques that are especially useful in constructing Iosan arcanists. Their magic invokes from the Empire of Lyoss. Despite the countless other applications engineering and is at the forefront of the mystical science of to which their talents could be applied.

Among lesser houses there which the house has drawn censure. Often blessed myrmidons with their protective force fields as well as in the with strong arcane bloodlines.

Despite this reputation. This mystical ability gave rise major arcane endeavors. House Vyre has long been interested in esoteric linked to their responsibilities in the Iosan government. With occult research and has mastered the manipulation of mystical few exceptions these are extensions of practices surviving energies to achieve more unusual effects.

No other house is better versed in the application of Many of the hallytyr that rule Ios and lead its armies have such energies. Arcanists of House Aiesyn and draws upon other fundamental energies.

The aptitude for varied forms of divination—the art of are similarly well-defined traditions. A number of from those of the Iron Kingdoms. Vyre positioned itself to play a significant role in changing with arcanikal weapons and armor to augment their battle Iosan magic in the last few decades in particular. These divinatory specialists are primarily tasked the presence of nearby cortexes and learn how to mentally with watching vigilantly for external threats to Ios.

In the past. Among the Nyss. Since Ios has been insular for much of its history Iosan houses have thousands of years of experience finding and has involved itself in relatively few wars.

In this regard. They also learned to integrate their minds most perceptive among them can sometimes predict the warcasters of the retribution of Scyrah Iosan equivalent of mechanika. These rare individuals could sense warcasters. Iosan warcasters are not so different been at the forefront of a new understanding. These builds on its house tactics. When fighting within Iosan borders. Adeptis Rahn of Shyeel. On the other side. These relationships become complicated only when multiple Sibyls of the Retribution look for warcaster talent among the warcasters are brought together.

This flexibility has Dawnguard and veteran mage hunters. Those without prior martial experience have their combat hunter counterparts to mount attacks or deploy defenses. There have been great and veterans of these ongoing battles have learned to readily gains made in this area over the past several years. New warcasters loyal to the Retribution are battle.

The Retribution tension in mixed Retribution forces comes from Dawnguard has secured a disproportionately high percentage of Iosan officers who may be slow to answer the commands of mage warcasters. This command tactics and is interested in broader occult lore as well as structure is generally effective. House Vyre has its own methodologies and orders within large composite task forces. The escalating The Retribution considers it a top priority to expand its conflicts in recent years have forced the differing elements of warcaster assets as quickly as possible.

Incissar Vyros of resent. The most common source of would otherwise have gone unnoticed. Even warcasters serving the noble houses whose hunter warcasters or those from rival houses. Those with extensive wider Iosan population as well. The Retribution and fluid. Carrying authority within their own houses as well as inside House Shyeel and House Nyarr in particular have effective the Retribution.

Shyeel for its own searches. If they do not already belong to a military discipline. This model can make only one Retaliatory and the trials of combat. A model with Ghostly can advance through terrain and obstacles at other times requires her to take action alone in order to secure victory.

During her upbringing with the Third Chamber. Target friendly Faction model gains Dark Shroud. Upon waking on the cold stone slab that served as her bed. Convection 2 10 — 12 — Yes however. Elara sweeps through her foes like focus: Damage Type: Magical Blood Boon — Once per activation. She reined in her emotions. Her every strike and fluid movement are practiced and deliberate in their execution. Through continued devotion. Elara cloaks quickens the actions of other mage hunters and commands them as an extension her forces in shrouds of unnatural shadow and grants them speed beyond the limits of the material world.

Elara hopes that such acts of violence please 2 7 13 the goddess. Convection — A warjack cannot exceed normal focus limits as a result of Convection. Boundless Charge lasts for one turn. Closing Darkness By bestowing her arcane powers on those she accompanies on the battlefield. While in the melee range of a model with Dark Shroud.

She has learned to approach each engagement gain Ghostly and are affected by Boundless Charge. Elara has developed her arcane abilities to suit the Strike per turn. It cannot be targeted by free strikes. With this training now complete. She has mastered Sickle Staff the essence of shadow.

Scything Touch 2 6 — — UP No Teleport — This model cannot be placed on or in an obstruction or in impassable terrain as a result of Teleport. Now that she serves the Retribution in battle. Behind his brooding countenance is a mind never at rest. He sweeps across the battlefield like a living storm.

That he one round. Pathfinder Garryth sees his role in the Retribution in a similar light. A model with Rapid Fire can make one basic ranged attack during your Maintenance Phase.

Others fight battles— Stealth Acrobatics — This model can advance through other Garryth ends them. Vortex Lock interpretation shared by only some of his brethren: Scyrah is a wounded warrior- Though it takes a great toll on his mind and body.

Once recruited into damage: Now that he is unfettered. If the enemy spellcaster is destroyed as a result of this damage. These monks marched to war alongside regular soldiers and Parry stalked enemy commanders from the shadows.

They seek solace only in the act of killing. Blessed Damage Type: While they despair. This model ignores intervening models Although capable of leading others. Magical humanity. For one round.

No warcaster in Ios 12 1 — 12 has as much practice fighting humans. In an attempt to wj FA harness his unique potential. To these displaced assassins Ios is an Gallows 3 10 — 13 — Yes abstract dream. He has spent little time in Ios over models cannot cast spells. Models are not affected would be given the liberty to kill without restraint.

Heightened Reflexes — Remember. It her unquenchable thirst for revenge. He is one of the few Retribution warcasters with extensive experience Blade pitting myrmidons against human adversaries. During your Control Phase. He feels no shame and focus: Then came the Rivening. All the priests of the elven gods went nuts at once. When the madness ended, all the surviving priests except Scyrah's had lost their magic. Elven scholars believe that the loss of Ayisla, the goddess of reincarnation, is why babies are being born without souls.

They also observed the human resistance against the Orgoth and discovered that the humans could wield magic. This magic appeared to disturb the cosmological balance and was attributed as increasing the incidents of elven soullessness. Over the centuries after the Rivening, elves would heed a call to Ayisla's abandoned realm to find spiritual fulfillment. Instead, they found a new god: Ethrunbal, AKA Everblight, a disembodied dragon who carefully corrupted their minds, bodies, and souls, refining his techniques to create the perfect blend of loyalty and lethality that he desired.

When the elves finally realized the threat, they moved against him. Everblight brought his power to bear, obliterating the city of Issyrah before he was cast down and his athanc torn from his flesh to be imprisoned in a remote mountain where he would never affect the world again, right?

But there was good news hurray! Her priests said very little about her until they announced that she was dying. Displeased by the lack of action of their politicians, two sects have formed: the Seekers and the Retribution of Scyrah.

The Retribution's mandate is to end human magic and its practitioners to save Scyrah's life. It was swiftly outlawed, but not eradicated. The Retribution has gained followers over the centuries, and one of their advance scouts, Eiryss, has brought news to Ios: Ghyrrshyld of House Vyre, long thought dead, is the eldritch Goreshade, he has Nyssor's sword, and the Khadoran government has Nyssor himself.

Ios and the Skorne are ancient enemies, going back to before the Rivining when the Skorne would raid their outlying settlements. When the Skorne invaded, they lost no time in renewing the ancient feud. Now under siege, the Retribution has diverted forces to aiding their homeland against foreign invaders.

Forces of the Retribution[ edit ] Warcasters[ edit ] Adeptis Rahn Shyeel - One of the strongest elven spellcasters, he is a master of Jerkassery and Wizardry. He mostly joined the Retribution for personal gain and is only somewhat interested in saving his Goddess and his race.

Both his theme lists are solid, but are not required to make him good. Bring Arc Nodes for maximum effect. With the right setup he can perform assassinations from a ridiculous distance. Dawnlord Vyros Nyarr - Like Rahn, he joined the Retribution for personal gain but is actually truly interested in saving his Goddess and his race. His feat, his spell list, and his Bird's Eye ability he and his jacks can see through forests and intervening models suggest that he likes jacks, but he does not have enough focus to run them all effectively.

On his feat turn you can sometimes get some silly things happening, such as jacks that have Side Step or Beat Back being able to kill an entire unit. An enterprising player from Wales created a unique but very effective version of Vyros' first theme force which has double Daemons marshaled by a pair of Sentinel units, using the Sentinel Officer's Drive: Pronto to give the Daemons more mobility.

Vyros, Incissar of the Dawnguard - "I'm on a horse. Because of Synergy, he generally brings a list comprised mostly of Griffon myrmidons. If you play competitively, expect to see him a lot, since he is one of the few decent answers to Legion beasts and the Shadow Pack spell that Retribution has.

Kaelyssa, Night's Whisper - The battle box caster, she brings no offensive buffs but lots of anti magic and a strong defensive feat. High-ish focus, you tend to see quite a few jacks with her, including a few Arc Nodes to make use of her True Sight spell casting.

Her second theme force, "Force Wall," is pretty effective and lets you bring a large amount of House Shyeel myrmidons. Garryth, Blade of Retribution - His pistols have bayonets on the butts. He probably stabs himself with them a lot. With his high MAT and Weapon Master he's a pretty good melee assassin, but don't underestimate how much damage his paired pistols can do.

Squishy as hell, though. In practice, SFG fails as often as not, but the threat of SFG is still very effective because the mere possibility of being attacked by a unit that ignores most defensive measures from outside your range to deal with it will control the pace of games.

In addition to Mage Hunters, she usually brings other long range units such as Stormfall Archers. Even though she doesn't support melee troops, she herself is no slouch in melee and can buff herself with Vortex of Destruction or "gun kata" her way through a unit using a combination of melee attacks and point blank ranged attacks. Issyria, Sibyl of Dawn - A unique warcaster with no weapons or damaging spells at all.

However, she is extremely effective at supporting her army. Her feat increases the accuracy and damage of both melee and ranged attacks. She can also increase charge distance, which lets her army get off a devastating alpha strike. Her Blinding Light spell is an excellent debuff so expect Arc Nodes with her, and also possibly a Hyperion for her to use Ancillary Attack on.

She also runs an infantry swarm army rather well. He was able to recover the frozen God Nyssor, but then Vyros took all the credit for it. If you need to tear down something tough from range, Ossyan is your man. Give him a Banshee or two for their knockdown guns, then bring some Stormfall Archers and go to town.

Killing a colossal in a single turn from range is not unusual, especially if you bring the mercenary Lady Aiyana for her damage buff spell. He has a number of useful buffs for both infantry and jacks, including Field Marshal: Cleave. He helps add variety to the faction by bringing a less ranged-heavy playstyle compared to some of the other warcasters. Light Myrmidons[ edit ] All current Retribution light jacks are made by House Shyeel and have forcefields MK3 Edition Chimera - A light arcnode that can teleport short distances and phase partially out of existence giving it a Defense buff.

It's primary purpose is as an Arc Node, but it also has two open fists which let it throw and slam effectively. It has enough damage for killing with ease infantry models, and can also combo strike to deal with tougher models.

His mobility and his cheapness make him the best friend of any caster who want to use spells without exposing themselves. While he is annoying, he tend to survive quite well since he is not very dangerous by itself, and that most people will ignore it except if they can shut it down quickly.

Gorgon - Currently the only non-character light jack with a gun that Retribution has. If the Gorgon is engaging an enemy, Force Lock keeps the from moving, which seems neat but don't expect it to survive long once it gets into place as people hate being unable to move. Griffon - Contender for best light combat jack in the game. It has pathfinder, it's naturally fast plus has a situational speed booster, it has a reach attack which gets an accuracy bonus when charging, and it has a shield, all for only eight points.

They are frequently seen with Vyros2 Incissar , where Synergy turns can make them it quite hard pow 18 with a mechanik , Vyros 1, who make them murderous with his feat and mobility, as well with Thyron. Aspis - A Shield Guard jack who can absorb one shot per turn in the place of one model in 3 " near him. While he is low-armored, he can regenerate his forcefield shields automatically just like a Phoenix's, making it very resilient for his ridiculous cost. His two bowling ball fists give him beat back and some decent anti infantry potential as well.

Character 'Jacks Moros - Garryth's character jack. It has stealth, does decent damage with its blades, and good def. Its blades and short-ranged gun each cause Paralysis, which makes his foe unable to charge, run or execute power attacks as well as locking them at Def 5 - effectively auto-hits for everybody.

With Garryth it gain acrobatic, making him able to pass through enemies and threaten a kill or setup for Garryth's murder run behind the front lines. Heavy Myrmidons[ edit ] Retribution heavy jacks are priced and statted with the understanding that you will take an Arcanist with them.

Do not leave home without at least one Arcanist, and if you have more than one jack you should probably bring two Arcanists. House Shyeel - These jacks have forcefields, which you can spend focus to regenerate like regen in hordes, but worse.

They are faster than Vyre jacks but have less armor.