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    Free game downloads & online games at Big Fish Games - A new game every day! PC games & mac games - Play puzzle games, arcade games, mahjong. The Book of Water was first presented limitedly as a beta version on December 3, Both editions feature the main single-mode game, while the Collector's one Because PlayFirst holds the rights to publish the Dream Chronicles series, The faster how players can complete the game, the more Dream Jewels and. Get delighted with Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water, a Hidden Object game Get a detailed walkthrough on how to complete all levels without missing a Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air Collector's Edition game.

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    Dream Chronicles The Book Of Water Collectors Edition Full Version

    download Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water - Collector's Edition [Download]: Read 9 Everything Else Reviews - karcodicdistwha.tk Additional Info: Flash Player Version 8 or higher, x minimum screen resolution . Have complete series. Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water Collector's Edition Game, for PC, download for pc, full version game, full pc game. Before downloading. Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water Collector's Edition for Mac. Free to try Macgamestore Mac OS X /Intel Version Full Specs.

    Return to the Airship and take it to Barge City. Use the KEY on the orange house on the right to open the door and proceed inside. Port Office Click on the Dream Pieces to collect them, then click on the Dream Jewel of Reveal to add the magic to the left portion of your screen. Pick up the KEY lying on the counter to add it to your inventory, then click on the Note lying nearby to the left. Read it for a clue regarding another Key. Click on the blue book on the left to open it, revealing the Book of Water. Click on the Book of Water to examine the pages. Use Reveal on the pages to reveal the contents of the book. Solve the Message Lock that appears on the right page. Before leaving the Port Office, click on the Map in the upper right corner to add more Airship travel locations to your Airship Map. Exit to the Docks. Docks Use the KEY on the red house in the background, behind the green house on the left, and enter. Their locations are shown below.

    There are three colored domes at the edge of the panel. On the left is red, on the right is yellow, and on the top is orange.

    You need to connect the red dome to one red connector, the yellow dome to one yellow connector, and the orange dome to both a red and yellow connector. You need to click on the door to leave, then go towards the statue. From the statue go right and you will be outside the gates of town.

    Once the gates close and lock you can head east to the Herbalist's house. You need to find the bolt and the six missing blades for the windmill. Note: sometimes these are in different places. When you have all of the items place first the blades then the bolt in the broken windmill.

    Dream Chronicles series

    When the windmill is fixed click on the door to open it and then click again to enter. Inside When you enter the living room you will see that the tree is dying. Go forward into the kitchen. Click on the book on the table. Click again to read the instructions for the potion. The potion solution: This puzzle will be familiar to anyone who has played the first trilogy.

    First find the match on the left shelves, then use the match on the fireplace. The liquids you need are in the three flasks on the table in the middle back. Click on each valve to fill the bottoms with liquid, then click each liquid and add it to the glass in the center of the table. Find the orange peel in one of the containers on the shelves above the fireplace.

    Place the orange peel in the mortar on the left shelf to crush it. Place the orange peel in the cauldron on the fire to heat it. Add the crushed, cooked peel to the glass on the table. Go back to the living room then outside to the windmill. When you go back out to the windmill Aeval will warn you against finishing the potion. Time to go to Barge City to find the Book of Water. Pick up the keys. Unlock the door to the orange house on the right, the Port Office.

    The Port Office Above the bookshelves to the left is a gold lens, take it. Read the note on the floor. Examine the book on the couch, the Book of Water. As Faye is human, she needs a magic color to see the contents of the book. Go back to the docks. The Art Shop Once out on the dock unlock the door of the green house to the left. Enter the Art Shop. On the shelves on the right is a paintbrush in a jar, take it.

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    There are two parts of the paints hidden here, one in the doorway in the back right, another in the lower right almost hidden by junk. In the back doorway another gold lens is hidden, take it. At the top of the ladder to the loft is a gold nugget, take it. Leave the Art Shop. The Fishing Shop Back on the docks, use the last key to unlock the orange house behind and to the right of the Art Shop. Enter the Fishing Shop.

    On the floor on the right is a gold nugget, take it. There is another part of the paints on the right shelves. Above the shelves is the third and last gold lens.

    On the left, nearly hidden by the giant fish skeleton is the last part of paint. Once you have all of the objects back up to the docks. Reading the Book Once on the docks, go back into the green house on the left, the Art Shop. Click on the table underneath the window for a close up. The magic color puzzle: Once you've clicked on the table place the brush and paints. The note you picked up from the Port Office will appear, you need to replicate this color.

    Add 2 yellow, 2 red, and one white to get the color. Click on the color to take it. Leave the Art Shop and go back to the Port Office. Click on the Book of Water and add the magic color. Time to forge some figurines!

    Go back to the dock and you will automatically move to the next chapter. In the living room you will find a note on the floor near the door to the nexus, read it. Enter the kitchen. You will find the tree healing potion on a shelf on the left, just above the mortar.

    Go back to the living room and use the potion on the tree. Once the tree is healed it will open the door to the Nexus. The Nexus In the nexus, go down the stairs behind the control panel.

    The Forge At the forge there are five pieces of wood to collect.

    There is also a gold nugget to find. When you pick up this one you should have three. Go left to the Observatory. The Observatory It's dark inside the observatory. You need to find the handle to turn on the lights. The handle is in the upper left of the scene, below the aperture where the telescope looks out.

    Once the lights are on you need to find four pieces of wood on the floor. On top of some shelves on the left is a magnifying glass, take it. The telescope puzzle: Again, this is a familiar puzzle to anyone who has played the first trilogy.

    Take a lens and drop it into the slot on the right side of the telescope. Wait until it gets dark. Click on the telescope to look into it.

    You will have a star pattern that you need to match against the background sky. Once the star pattern matches a constellation appears and you will get a mold. Repeat for the other two lenses until you have three molds.

    Once you have the molds, click on the door in the center of the observatory to go back to the Forge. The Forge Again Back at the forge, place the wood in the bottom of the forge.

    Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air Collector’s Edition

    Use the magnifying glass on the wood to light the fire. Place a mold in the hole in the ground to the left of the forge. Place a gold nugget on top of the forge, it will melt and create a figurine. Repeat until you have three figurines. Go right to the nexus, then click on the nexus portal. Numbering them from left to right, they are cave 1, cave 3, and cave 7. Begin by clicking on the far left cave, cave 1. Cave 1 Click on the door to cave 1. Cave 1 Door Puzzle: This is a basic swap 2 tiles jigsaw puzzle.

    Once you recreate the picture of a stylized swan the door will unlock. Place the swan figurine on the pedestal. When you succeed a glowing cloud will appear in the mirror. Once you restore the trees, you complete some puzzles, obtain the first key, and move on. Wind Music Island, your second destination, frustrated me to no end. Here, you have to make the island come alive with music, and to do so is rather intricate. The final key location is named Water Collector. By using your Thunder Dream Jewel, you fill the pool with water, use the key you find to get inside a hut, and complete some puzzles in there to get the last key.

    That puzzle inside the hut is one of the ones I skipped. It had to do with plank pieces, runes, a scale, and heavy objects like a chalice. When you return to the Clockmaker with all three keys, you unlock the doors and fix the machine. Yes, I skipped through all three of them, but I really tried and put in a decent amount of time trying to figure it out.

    With Lyra on her way back to Wish, you quickly discover that something is wrong, and that sets things up for the next installment: The Book of Water. Now, let me get into graphics, gameplay, and sound. I have no complaints.

    Not one. Graphically is was lush, colorful, detailed, and simply gorgeous. The gameplay was easy. No keyboard involved, all mouse, and really delightful. Perfect for the style of game. The soundtrack was amazing, melodious, and had this nice fantasy RPG feel to it. The Bonus Chapter you get is rather nice too.

    It gives you more playtime, and more production art, along with many puzzles to complete.

    Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water Walkthrough

    Maybe, but it depends on many different factors. If you are a person who likes Collectors Editions, who likes bonus features like screensavers, wallpapers, game soundtracks, and bonus levels, then yes. You will still get the same levels, abilities, and unlimited gameplay, but none of the bonus features. PlayFirst did a good job with giving us a wide variety of puzzles and objects, and making sure it never felt repetitive.